Covid-19 UPDATE: After two years of entirely online activities, we are happpy to announce that we are beginnning to re-introduce some in-person workshops and playing sessions. However, we recognise that this is not suitable or practical for everybody, so we are also very happy to say that for the forseeable future we shall be continuing as a hybrid organisation and a lot of our classes and meetings will remain online to make them as accessible as possible to a wider audience.

Please take a look at our 'What's On' page to find out more!

members of Transpennine Harps playing a group concert
Who we are...

Transpennine Harps is a friendly, informal group of harp players who meet regularly to play, share music and (very importantly) enjoy tea and cakes together. As a regional branch of the Clarsach Society, we aim to promote the learning and playing of the lever harp by offering a programme regular teaching days, play-togethers and workshops with guest tutors, as well as social events and the (not obligatory but great fun!) opportunity to perform as a group at local events throughout the year.

Where we are...

Transpennine Harps has over 50 members spread over a wide area from the East coast into the North West of England. We have two 'hub' groups, one of which meets in the Keighley/Leeds area, and one which is based in Old Malton. Each group meets at least once at month - p[ease see our 'What's On' page for details of upcoming events and play-togethers.

What we do...

Our members range from complete beginners to those with more experience, but we are all extremely welcoming - we ALL had to start somewhere! Our sessions tend to start with music for beginners/improvers and finish with a session for those more experienced.

In our regular meet-ups and workshops we cover a range of musical styles, from traditional Celtic music to South American, via jazz and contemporary, so there is certainly something to appeal to everyone!

Please look at our 'What's On' page for more information on upcoming workshops and events!

Here is a recording of a choir concert we performed at as a group (in those glorious pre-Covid-19 days - hopefully we will do so again soon!)

From Celtic to Classical, Jazz and more...!

Although we like to meet up (either in person or online) as a larger group when we can, we also have a number of sub-groups and short courses/workshops for particular interests. Our 'Old Malton Group' meets every other Saturday morning for an informal 'play-together' led by Tamsin Dearnley, using her own arrangements for multi-level ensemble playing and also learning some solo pieces. The 'Riddlesden Group' (led by Lucy Nolan) meets once a month on a Sunday afternoon for two hours.

We have a new sub-group led by Lucy Nolan for those interested in exploring Classical music for the harp. Lucy's classical training and immmense background knowledge of the pieces we study really help us to explore this type of music, giving us something very different from the perhaps more conventional Folk repertoire associated with the lever harp.

Please contact Jean on if you would like to join us.

Enabling access to a wider musical education

As well as playing, we run regular events and focusing on more general musicianship: basic theory; how to understand the modes; how to use music writing software; how to start home recording, to name but a few.

We are always interested in hearing your views on what you'd like to learn, so please do just get in touch if you have a workshop idea!